About Us

Tripwire Systems were developed as a joint Australian / American initiative instigated from our 14 years within the anti graffiti / vandalism arena. Our work in developing coatings, strategies, voice and flash deterrents expanded to include a rapid measure to allow the user to no longer have to rely on “After the fact” technology and information. 

Tripwire systems are a very affordable means for either local communities or large rail corporations to utilise this technology to its full potential. Discussions with law enforcement and government departments assisted in devising the best solution possible to make solid apprehensions and higher witnessing of crimes possible to lead to solid convictions. 

The excitement from every sector has been extraordinary with uses being suggested from stealth applications, mass transit property monitoring for graffiti apprehensions through to military and border patrol applications.

 We hope you also will read through our information and realise the potential this very affordable system will produce in your specific arena.

 Our flexibility in design and various client requirements will also allow you to further expand the systems use should you have other options in mind.

 The system has taken well over 15 months to design and perfect to obtain the greatest detection range along with multiple features to make this one of the most valuable law enforcement tools available against property crime.

 With interest coming from all industry types and many varied user types we look forward to being of service to you and your entity and hope our system will significantly increase and improve apprehension and arrest rates.

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