Expert Data Entry and Analysis

While we encourage all our clients to conduct their own data entry internally to utilize other departmental information and certain aspects that only come from internal data entry, we appreciate that in many instances having this done internally can some times be impractical and not the course the city wants to take. 

We are pleased to announce that we are offering this service to all clients with our expert knowledge and ability to take from you the responsibility of keeping your data maintained and up to date. 

There are only a small number of entities who provide these services and one of the core reasons we are offering this service is the ridiculous prices being charged for this service.

We have seen instances of small cities paying $12,000 per annum for only 2000 entries. Larger cities are paying $100,000 plus for this service! 

Here at GRIP / Tripwire aside from being a small fraction of these prices, you will get not the basic gang or non gang sorting and entry, but a comprehensive ability of true analysis, offender profiling and matching and a reactive service of monitoring offenders when they offend in your region.

Our work for cities and whole state rail networks has brought about some of the most intelligent data offering the best information returns for the clients and their law enforcement ever before witnessed. 

Our expert team will ensure that your offenders are expertly documented, and reactively notify agencies as cross boundary offences occur, when offenders switch tags and when they are apprehended by other agencies for restitution considerations. 

Our entry and proper analysis costs can come under $1.00 per record for larger clients which in total equates to a small fraction of what is being charged by our competitors.