Free GRIP Offer

GRIP / TRIPWIRE are pleased to announce  a special offer to complete your graffiti abatement armory.  

We are currently offering The GRIP Database solution at no charge for a 12 month period. 

The power of the cameras and what they can bring along with the use of the GRIP database to build your offender information, makes it an excellent offering for those clients who want to really make inroads in their anti social behavior / graffiti campaign. 

Imagine the power of having your tripwire units apprehending offenders and once detained simply accessing the database to account for that offenders complete damage history, his known associates and everything your law enforcement or city need to know. 

The combination is unmatchable and will save your staff time and make them more productive and capable in dealing with these issues effectively. 

Ask about our other offers and specials 

  • Full field training and deployment training  - Based on 10 Tripwire units being purchased.
  • Provision of GRIP database for 12 months once an audit has been completed
  • Education programs tailored to your city.